Guarantor Loans 2018

Guarantor Loans 2018

Guarantor loans 2018Piggy Guarantor Loans are proud to announce we can now arrange guarantor loans of up to £10,000. Guarantor Loans of up to £7500 are already available to customers who are a tenant and have a home owner as their guarantor. But if the applicant is a home owner and the guarantor is a home owner then you can now get access to a guarantor loan of up to £10,000! You can take payment terms of up to 7 years.

This is due to the decreased risk to the lender if the applicant also owns their own home, this is great leap forward in enabling people who are refused credit elsewhere for whatever reason to have access to the credit they deserve. You will still need to be able to show that you can afford the repayments and that your guarantor can afford to take over the repayments should you default, as only people who can afford to repay the loan will be considered.

If you are not a home owner yourself you can still apply for up to £7500 if your guarantor is a home owner or up to £5000 if your guarantor is a tenant.

Guarantor Loans are aimed at people who are turned by banks other financial institutions due to a low credit score. They may have simply missed a payment on a catalogue, credit card, insurance payment (usually on finance) or any finance payment, even if it’s a one off mistake, this can follow you around for up to 6 years before being wiped from your credit record.

With a Guarantor Loan, a friend or family member backs your loan application, so if the worse happens and you do default, the guarantor can step in and take over payments until you find yourself back in a position to resume payments. This gives the lenders confidence to lend to you and means we can arrange loans with rates from 29.9% (48.6% typical) over 1 – 7 years.

Bad credit history is not a problem as it goes off the guarantors credit history, you just have to be able to comfortably afford the repayments. You can use to consolidate debts (even payday loans), buy a new car, home improvements, a holiday, in fact anything you can think of that you need right now but can’t raise the credit.

If you would like a quote on any loan amount from £1000 to £10000 then apply here now and someone will give you call to give you a quote.

APR from 29.9%, 48.6% typical. Representative example: Borrowing £3000 over 36 months with a fixed APR of 48.6%. Monthly Repayment of £144.94. Overall the total to pay back is £5217.84
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